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CSLP maintains an office in Connecticut and in Florida for the purpose of providing assistance to customers and other third parties by responding to insurance business inquiries and assisting with insurance transactions not completed through the website.

CSLP does not accept claim notices or service of legal process on behalf of the insurance companies it represents, nor does it adjust claims. When a claim is made, notice should be given to the insurance company, which is responsible for determining the parties’ rights and obligations under the insurance policies issued. Instructions for filing a claim are typically included with the policy. In some cases, the insurance company may be represented by a claim service company. CSLP is not a claim service company.

Any descriptions of insurance products or services by CSLP do not amend, modify or supplement any insurance policy. Policyholders should consult the actual policy and the carrier they choose for details regarding terms, conditions, coverage and exclusions in the policy, as well as products, services and programs which may be available. Eligibility for particular products and services is subject to the final determination of underwriting qualifications. Not all policies and/or coverages are available in every jurisdiction.

Whether coverage exists or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any policy depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss, the law applicable to the claim and all applicable policy wording. Any informational statements regarding insurance coverage, in this web site material, are for general description and reference purposes only.

The general information contained in this Website is not an offer to sell insurance. No binder, insurance policy, change, addition, and/or deletion to insurance coverage goes into effect until the policy is issued and premium is paid. Any proposal of insurance the www.imsuretek.co website may present will be based upon the information the applicant provides. Information provided on this site does not constitute professional advice. For legal, tax or financial planning questions, please contact an appropriate professional. Any hypertext links to other sites are provided as a convenience only. CSLP has no control over those sites and does not endorse or guarantee any information provided by those sites. 

CSLP is committed to dealing fairly and with complete integrity with consumers, other insurance producers and others with whom we work in providing insurance products and services. To that end, we provide this disclosure regarding CSLP’s sources of its compensation from insurance companies or other parties.

CSLP may receive compensation in the form of commissions paid by an insurance company, calculated as a percentage of premiums, pursuant to an arrangement with the insurance company. These commissions are for the service we perform in placing and servicing insurance policies on the insurance company’s behalf. CSLP may also become eligible to receive other forms of compensation such as incentive or contingency payments or bonuses and/or supplemental commissions from insurance companies. These may be based on our aggregate historical or current performance with respect to a line of business or customer segment and not specifically related to any particular policy or policyholder.

Other insurance producers who perform service in placing and servicing insurance through CSLP may receive compensation from CSLP in the form of service fees as determined by CSLP’s arrangement with such producer.

CSLP may hold premium or return premium funds temporarily, in which case CSLP may receive interest or investment income on such funds. 

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